Ubisoft apparently stopped a 900GB data breach

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Just days aft Insomniac suffered a horrible information breach, Ubisoft whitethorn person avoided nan aforesaid fate.

Security corporate VX-Underground shared a study connected X (formerly Twitter) that, connected Dec. 20, an "unknown Threat Actor" sewage entree to Ubisoft's soul tools, sharing screenshots online. They allegedly intended to get 900GB worthy of information from nan French crippled patient down titles for illustration Assassin's Creed and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, but according to VX-Underground, Ubisoft revoked entree aft 48 hours.

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

The hackers apparently wanted to get Rainbow Six: Siege personification data, but were not successful successful that endeavor, per VX-Underground. Ubisoft told BleepingComputer successful a connection that it is "aware of an alleged information information incident" and is investigating nan matter, but did not person thing other to share.

This is conscionable nan latest attempted information breach of a awesome video crippled company, a inclination that sewage important clip nether nan spotlight earlier successful December aft Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games had delicate worker information and accusation astir upcoming video games leaked successful a monolithic hack. There's nary denotation that thing of nan benignant was accessed aliases leaked successful nan Ubisoft hack astatine this time.

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