Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried unravel a mysterious crime in 'The Crowded Room' trailer

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Tom Holland has saved New York successful nan Spider-Man series, teamed up pinch with Avengers successful Avengers: Infinity War, and jumped retired of planes successful Uncharted. Now, successful Apple TV's psychological thriller The Crowded Room, he faces his biggest situation yet: himself.

Holland plays Danny Sullivan, a young man arrested aft his relationship to a shooting successful 1979 New York City. He can't afloat callback nan incident, starring to a bid of interviews pinch interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried). As Rya tries to thief Danny portion together nan crime, we study much astir his mysterious past and nan events that led him to this moment. Is Danny genuinely a criminal mastermind? Or is personification other pulling nan strings, getting fresh to onslaught again?

The Crowded Room premieres June 9 connected Apple TV+.(opens successful a caller tab)

A female pinch short brownish hairsbreadth successful a striped sweater.

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