This refurbished Acer N7 Chromebook is just $56.99

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TL;DR: This refurbished Acer N7 C731 Chromebook (Intel Celeron N3060, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC) is down to conscionable $56.99 (reg. $289) arsenic of Dec. 25. That's a savings of 80% for a constricted time.

When you request an other machine for mundane tasks aliases to springiness your older kid a instrumentality to watercourse shows and movies and do schoolhouse work, a refurbished instrumentality should really beryllium considered. Something for illustration this refurbished Acer N7 Chromebook is disposable for conscionable $56.99 (reg. $289) and tin adhd that much-needed further level to support your days and nights moving seamlessly.

This Acer N7 comes from nan twelvemonth 2017, truthful it's a beautiful caller exemplary that tin get you online efficiently. Equipped pinch a 1.6GHz processor, it tin supply businesslike capacity for mundane tasks.

Whether browsing nan web, streaming content, aliases moving connected documents, this Chromebook delivers enough velocity to support your professional, educational, aliases individual efforts. And nan 4GB RAM, Intel Celeron CPU, and Chrome OS let for a soft multitasking experience, while nan 16GB retention will alteration you to shop immoderate files and photos locally. 

It has WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, truthful you tin return it connected nan spell and get online via networks aliases hotspots and link your Bluetooth-enabled accessories, too. With a 13-hour artillery capacity, it will support going whether you person a agelong time astatine activity aliases a agelong formation to your adjacent picnic destination.

This Chromebook has a people "B" refurbished rating. This intends it's successful fantabulous moving bid but whitethorn person immoderate flimsy cosmetic blemishes.

This refurbished gem is simply a awesome action for students, professionals, aliases anyone needing an affordable secondary device.

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Get this 2017 refurbished Acer N7 Chromebook connected waste for conscionable $56.99 (reg. $289) and support that solution to beryllium much productive done nan caller year.

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