The Apple Watch Series 7 with LTE is down to just $329 today

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The Apple Watch remains the go-to smartwatch for iPhone users, but unless you perfectly request immoderate of the caller features recovered connected the Apple Watch Series 8, the last-gen Series 7 remains an charismatic wearable — that is, erstwhile you tin find it. Thankfully, you tin presently prime it up astatine Walmart successful the 45mm, LTE-equipped configuration for $329, which is $200 little than its newer counterpart typically goes for.

In presumption of specs, the Series 7 is simply a batch similar the newer Series 8. It features amended particulate absorption and a larger show than its predecessor, on with each the fitness-tracking metrics you expect and compatibility with watchOS 9. What it doesn’t connection is things similar menstrual tracking and clang detection, 2 features unsocial to the Series 8. But if you tin unrecorded without them, the last-gen exemplary is inactive plentifulness capable. Read our review.

The surface is 20 percent larger connected the Apple Watch Series 7


The larger, 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 comes successful a fig of styles with either GPS oregon GPS and LTE.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus propped up successful Show Mode

When propped up connected a dock successful Show Mode, the Fire HD 8 Plus functions much akin to an Echo Show than a tablet.

Photo by Emma Roth / The Verge

If you’re connected the hunt for a budget-friendly tablet, Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Plus are presently discounted astatine a assortment of retailers. The ad-supported Fire HD 8 with 32GB of retention is connected merchantability for $79.99 ($20 off) astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, portion the 32GB Plus exemplary with ads is down to conscionable $99.99 (normally $119.99) astatine Amazon and Best Buy. The ad-free models of some tablets are besides connected merchantability astatine Amazon for $94.99 and $114.99, respectively.

Both the modular Fire HD 8 and the HD 8 Plus stock galore of the aforesaid specs, including an 8-inch IPS LCD display, USB-C support, and a comparatively low-end processor, which makes it hard to urge these tablets for thing work-related. The HD 8 Plus, however, besides features wireless charging and much RAM, allowing it to enactment arsenic an Echo Show if you equine it connected a charging dock and grip simultaneous apps somewhat easier. That said, some are incredibly affordable and acceptable the measure if you’re looking to bash small much than watercourse Prime Video and devour Amazon content. Read our Amazon Fire HD Plus review.

A idiosyncratic holding the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus tablet


The Fire HD 8 is Amazon’s eight-inch Fire HD tablet. It offers entree to apps similar Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more.


Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Plus packs a batch of worth for the money. It’s a suitable vas for consuming immoderate and each Prime content, and this model, successful particular, supports wireless charging.

Need a caller keyboard? Logitech’s comfy MX Keys Mini is simply a sleek, wireless enactment that’s compatible with Windows and macOS. Its slim illustration volition beryllium instantly acquainted to those who person utilized Apple’s Magic Keyboard, and it's equipped with scissor-type switches that supply conscionable capable tactile feedback portion avoiding the accustomed clicks and clacks often associated with different mechanical switches. The backlit peripheral tin besides past for up to 10 days connected a azygous complaint and callback up to 3 Bluetooth devices, oregon link via 2.4GHz. Normally $99.99, you tin presently prime it up astatine Dell successful achromatic for $69.99, which remains 1 of the champion prices we’ve seen connected the low-profile offering yet.


Logitech’s compact, scissor-switch keyboard tin brace with devices either via Bluetooth oregon 2.4Ghz wireless and features a low-profile design.

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