Plumbing Maintenance Checklist for Every Homeowner

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As a homeowner, you cognize conscionable really important it is to support your plumbing strategy up and running. Not only do regular attraction and repairs thief debar costly emergency situations, but they besides thief guarantee that your family ever has entree to lukewarm h2o for showers, baths, and family tasks.

To springiness you an easy starting constituent erstwhile it comes to taking attraction of your plumbing system, we’ve compiled this plumbing attraction checklist connected what each homeowner should beryllium alert of and regularly cheque for passim nan year.

One of nan astir important things to do for plumbing attraction is to schedule a plumbing work assignment successful Evanston, arsenic having a master look complete your strategy will guarantee that everything is successful moving order.

The Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing attraction is captious for each homeowners because it helps prevention you clip and money successful nan agelong run. 

Regular inspection of your pipes, fittings, and fixtures helps place issues earlier they go awesome problems. For example, a clogged drain tin quickly go a surgery tube if near unchecked aliases unaddressed. 

Regular attraction besides increases nan life of your plumbing system, truthful you tin bask cleanable and moving h2o for longer.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a checklist of plumbing items you should beryllium checking connected a yearly basis.

Inspect your h2o heater for immoderate signs of corrosion aliases rust

It is incredibly important to regularly inspect your h2o heater for immoderate signs of corrosion aliases rust. This will thief you observe imaginable problems earlier they go much superior and tin perchance prevention thousands successful costly repairs.

Make judge to inspect nan vessel itself, arsenic good arsenic each outer parts specified arsenic pipes, valves, and connections. If you announcement immoderate discoloration, moisture, aliases damage, interaction a master for further inspection.

Check nan hoses and pipes for signs of wear 

The hoses and pipes that link to your h2o heater tin go worn complete clip and should beryllium regularly checked for immoderate signs of damage, specified arsenic cracks and leaks. If you find a crack, switch nan hose/pipe correct distant to debar further damage. The aforesaid applies to immoderate hoses aliases pipes visible successful your home.

Test your faucets and showerheads for due h2o pressure

Testing your faucets and showerheads for due h2o unit is besides an important portion of your plumbing attraction routine. Low aliases inconsistent h2o unit tin beryllium caused by a assortment of factors, from clogged aerators to faulty valves. If nan h2o unit successful your location seems excessively low, it’s important to interaction a master who specializes successful plumbing repairs.

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Check nan somesthesia of your basking h2o to make judge it’s not excessively basking aliases excessively cold

Another facet of your plumbing attraction regular should beryllium checking nan somesthesia of your basking water. 

It is important to make judge that nan basking h2o from your taps and showerheads is not excessively basking aliases excessively cold, arsenic this could lead to scalding, which tin origin superior burns. To cheque nan somesthesia of your basking water, simply move connected a faucet aliases ablution and usage a thermometer to measurement nan temperature.

Flush your drains regularly to forestall clogs

Regularly flushing your drains is simply a important portion of plumbing maintenance. Clogs tin easy hap if debris and different materials build up successful nan pipes, causing h2o to backmost up and moreover leak into your home. To forestall this from happening, usage a drain snake aliases chemic cleaner erstwhile a period to flush retired immoderate clogs aliases blockages that whitethorn person formed. 

Additionally, see utilizing a drain protector aliases surface to forestall debris and hairsbreadth from getting down nan drain successful nan first place. 

Check for immoderate leaks aliases signs of damage

It’s important to regularly cheque your pipes and fixtures for immoderate signs of leaking aliases damage. Leaks tin beryllium caused by a assortment of factors, specified arsenic worn-out washers, damaged pipes and faulty valves. If you announcement immoderate leaks successful your home, interaction a master plumber for further inspection and repair. 

Replace aged aliases worn-out plumbing fixtures arsenic needed

Finally, it is important to switch immoderate aged aliases worn-out plumbing fixtures arsenic needed. Over time, pipes and fixtures tin go damaged owed to deterioration and tear, starring to leaks and different damages that could costs you hundreds of dollars successful repairs. 

To prevention yourself nan hassle and disbursal of dealing pinch these problems down nan line, make judge to inspect each of your plumbing fixtures regularly and switch them arsenic soon arsenic you announcement immoderate signs of deterioration aliases damage.


Taking nan clip to support your plumbing strategy is basal for keeping your location safe and efficient. We dream that this checklist has fixed you a amended knowing of what tasks should beryllium included successful your regular plumbing attraction routine.

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