Once again, Etsy’s layoffs come as no surprise

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Remember erstwhile we wrote that Spotify’s latest layoffs make sense? Well, we consciousness nan aforesaid astir Etsy’s announcement that it would laic disconnected 11% of its workforce.

This is not america being callous pinch labor affected by these layoffs, aliases making excuses for what led nan NASDAQ-listed marketplace to that constituent and what could possibly person been prevented. We are conscionable saying that this isn’t overmuch of a surprise.

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The company’s fourth-quarter guidance was already a tell; it has now updated it further, telling investors to expect its “gross merchandise income to diminution betwixt 1% and 2% during nan play from nan year-ago 4th and gross to summation betwixt 2% and 3%,” CNBC reported.

But much than quantitative, Etsy’s situation is qualitative.

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