New to Boise? 14 Dog-Friendly Places in Boise to Explore with Your Pup

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If you’re moving to Boise pinch your 4 legged friend and funny if they’ll bask nan city, excessively – don’t worry, location are plentifulness of dog-friendly places successful Boise that you and your canine tin bask together. From hiking successful nan mountains to exploring nan city’s parks and outdoor spaces, location are endless opportunities to enslaved pinch your canine while taking successful nan beauty and civilization of nan city. 

After settling into your caller location – whether you’re renting an apartment aliases buying a home successful Boise, ID – you’ll person plentifulness of pet-friendly adventures adjacent by. We’ve sewage you covered pinch activities that are judge to support some you and your furry companion happy and entertained. So, drawback a leash and get fresh for immoderate nosy adventures.

Poodle Dog In The Park

1. Get outdoors and bask scenic views

Taking your canine connected a hike is simply a awesome measurement to get outdoors and locomotion disconnected that pent-up power your pup mightiness feel. Boise has an extended way strategy successful nan foothills that offers scenic views and plentifulness of opportunities to research nan awesome outdoors pinch your furry companion. Hulls Gulch Reserve is simply a celebrated hiking spot that features well-marked trails and stunning views of nan city. Table Rock is different awesome action for a much challenging hike, and it offers panoramic views of nan valley.

2. Take your pup swimming

If your canine loves to swim, you won’t want to miss nan opportunity to return your furry friend to Lucky Peak Reservoir and Lake Lowell. These 2 scenic spots connection a scope of outdoor activities that some you and your canine tin enjoy, including hiking, fishing, and boating. With miles of trails to explore, breathtaking views of nan surrounding mountains, and plentifulness of opportunities for your canine to scatter and play successful nan water, Lucky Peak Reservoir and Lake Lowell are nan cleanable destinations for a nosy and unforgettable time trip. So drawback your leash, battalion a picnic, and get fresh for a time of outdoor escapade pinch your four-legged friend.

Dog shaking disconnected aft swimming

3. Spend nan greeting astatine a farmer’s market

Boise’s Farmer’s Markets are dog-friendly and supply a chance to get extracurricular pinch your furry friend while enjoying section produce, crafts, and food. The Capital City Public Market is nan largest successful Boise and offers a assortment of vendors, including pet-specific booths. This vibrant market, located successful nan bosom of downtown Boise, is simply a bustling hub of activity that you and your pup will enjoy. When you get astatine nan market, you’ll beryllium greeted by a lively and colorful atmosphere, pinch vendors trading everything from caller fruits and vegetables to baked goods, artisanal cheeses, and moreover homemade canine treats. The smells and sounds of nan marketplace are judge to excite your dog’s senses, and they’ll emotion exploring nan galore stalls and gathering caller people.

4. Take a locomotion connected nan Greenbelt

The Boise River Greenbelt is simply a scenic pathway that runs on nan Boise River and done nan city. It’s a awesome spot for a agelong locomotion aliases motorcycle thrust pinch your dog, pinch complete 25 miles of paved trails to explore. You tin extremity astatine 1 of nan galore parks on nan way, specified arsenic Esther Simplot Park aliases Ann Morrison Park, to remainder and play pinch your furry friend. Your canine will surely bask nan stepping lanes, astir endless greenish spaces, and “beaches” on nan riverbank. 

5. Discover saccharine treats some you and your pup tin enjoy

The STIL (Sweetest Things In Life) is an irresistible crystal pick shop that caters to each sensation buds, including those of vegan and dairy-free dessert aficionados. A celebrated evening destination, The STIL is particularly celebrated among adults for its alcohol-infused crystal pick flavors and pairing flights that connection 4 wines aliases beers pinch 4 crystal pick flavors. All crystal creams are crafted pinch locally originated ingredients and tin beryllium enhanced pinch scrumptious treats for illustration rich | brownies aliases wedged betwixt freshly baked cookies to make nan eventual crystal pick sandwich. Don’t hide to bid a stiff dainty for your furry friend and acquisition firsthand why it’s almost intolerable not to beryllium lured into The STIL.

Dog licking an successful crystal pick cone

6. Enjoy an day picnic pinch your furry companion

Boise has respective parks that are cleanable for picnics pinch your dog. Kathryn Albertson Park features a ample pond and is awesome for a relaxing afternoon. Julia Davis Park offers plentifulness of unfastened abstraction and shady trees to group up your picnic spot. Bringing a frisbee aliases shot to play pinch will adhd to nan nosy and let you to bask immoderate value clip pinch your furry friend.

7. Pick retired a caller artifact aliases treat

Take your canine to a pet shop and fto them prime retired a caller artifact aliases treat. It tin beryllium a nosy and engaging acquisition for them. With truthful galore sights, smells, and sounds to explore, your canine is judge to beryllium entertained and stimulated. 

8. Escape nan hustle and bustle

If you’re looking to flight nan hustle and bustle of nan metropolis and bask immoderate value clip pinch your dog, why not return your furry friend connected a roadworthy travel to research nan stunning earthy beauty of adjacent destinations specified arsenic McCall, Sun Valley, and Stanley? These charming towns connection a scope of outdoor activities that you and your canine tin enjoy, from hiking and swimming to exploring section shops and restaurants. With dog-friendly accommodations and plentifulness of opportunities to enslaved pinch your furry companion, a time travel aliases play getaway is nan cleanable measurement to walk clip pinch your dog.

Dog successful nan car pinch their caput retired nan window

9. Dine out

Boise has galore restaurants pinch dog-friendly patios, specified arsenic Bittercreek Alehouse and The Yardarm. You tin bask a repast aliases a portion pinch your furry companion by your side. Just beryllium judge to cheque pinch nan edifice up of clip to make judge they let dogs connected their patio.

One of Boise’s astir celebrated restaurants, FORK, boasting Pacific Northwest inspired dishes, welcomes pooches to dine al fresco connected nan patio, and whitethorn moreover find pet-friendly snacks from nan kitchen, erstwhile available. If you’re connected nan hunt for a taco associated that takes things to nan adjacent level, you won’t want to miss Madre – Boutique Taqueria. This boutique taqueria serves up inventive and delicious twists connected accepted Mexican cuisine. And nan champion part? Dogs are much than invited to subordinate you for a wound some wrong and extracurricular nan restaurant.

10. Run disconnected immoderate power astatine a canine park

Boise has respective well-maintained and cleanable canine parks that supply ample abstraction for your furry friend to tally and play off-leash. The Ann Morrison Park, for instance, features a ample unfastened section and abstracted areas for mini and ample dogs. The Morris Hill Dog Park has a h2o characteristic that’s cleanable for dogs who emotion to scatter around. 

Two dogs astatine a canine park

11. Go to a Dog-Friendly Brewery

Boise has a thriving trade brew scene, and galore breweries are dog-friendly. Payette Brewing Co. and Boise Brewing are 2 examples that connection outdoor seating wherever you tin bask a acold 1 pinch your furry companion. Going to a brewery is simply a awesome measurement to socialize pinch different canine owners while enjoying a refreshing beverage. You tin besides cheque retired Meriwether Cider House, different dog-friendly action successful Boise for those who for illustration ciders complete beer.

12. Walk done Freak Alley Gallery

Freak Alley Gallery is simply a free one-of-a-kind, outdoor municipality creation assemblage that features a vibrant and eclectic operation of murals, graffiti, and thoroughfare art. It’s a feast for nan eyes and a awesome opportunity to admit nan productivity and talent of section artists. It’s perpetually evolving, truthful each clip you visit, you’re apt to spot thing caller and exciting. It’s nosy for everyone (four-legged friends included). Going to Freak Alley Gallery is besides a awesome measurement to support nan section creation community. Many of nan artists featured successful nan assemblage are from nan Boise area, truthful it’s besides a awesome measurement to support section artists and lend to nan taste vibrancy of nan city.

Freak Art Gallery successful Boise, ID

13. Check retired Camel’s Back Park

This sprawling greenish abstraction is packed pinch earthy beauty and celebrated way systems that are cleanable for playful pooches. And if you’re looking for a stunning photograph op, beryllium judge to climb Camel’s Back Hill – it’s not strenuous and is wholly doable for dogs of each shapes and sizes. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, return a leisurely stroll backmost toward Downtown Boise done nan charming Hyde Park vicinity successful North End. This eclectic organization is location to a assortment of quaint cafes and shops wherever you and your furry companion tin refuel aft your adventurous afternoon. 

14. Sip connected vino alongside your dog

Telaya Wine Company‘s tasting deck, nestled alongside nan Greenbelt and overlooking nan river, provides a serene haven for a break during a engaged day. Take a spot and indulge successful a action of Idaho and Washington wines while your companion takes a breather, soaking successful nan picturesque stream views. The elevated occurrence pit is simply a cozy spot to link pinch some canine and quality patrons, and it’s nary wonderment dogs are invited – 1 of nan owners is simply a veterinarian.

Boise offers galore dog-friendly places successful Boise for you and your furry companion to enjoy. From hiking to dining, location are plentifulness of opportunities to enslaved pinch your canine while exploring nan metropolis and surrounding area. Just beryllium judge to travel due etiquette and ever cleanable up aft your canine to guarantee a safe and enjoyable acquisition for everyone.

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