Mashable's 48 favorite gadget gifts: Stocking stuffers, fun kitchen gear, and tech gifts

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The word "gadget" has developed a small spot of a nerdy estimation complete nan years, conjuring images of high-tech trinkets that apt person nary usage to anyone who's not a 1 percenter aliases an early adopter. But we for illustration to deliberation of a gadget arsenic immoderate point that makes life easier — and that’s precisely what makes them specified awesome gifts.

A awesome gadget is each astir ingenuity. It provides a foolproof solution to a regular struggle that nine should person solved agelong ago. (Giving up connected chips and salsa because you couldn't unfastened nan jar? In this economy? No way. You’re going to unfastened that jar, damn it!) This intends immoderate of nan champion gadgets aren't high-tech astatine all. They're simply nan consequence of outside-the-box thinking.

But let's not equate "gadget" pinch "dinky last-minute gift that'll get mislaid successful a junk drawer," either. The bully ones typically execute a bully equilibrium of coolness and utility. They tally nan gamut from time-saving room devices and car hacks to self-care solutions and intermezo enhancers, assisting america pinch each sorts of pesky small issues successful each realm of our lives. And, erstwhile purchased pinch a circumstantial person's needs successful mind, gadgets make awesome gifts.

Here are 48 of Mashable's favourite gift-worthy gadgets and tech gifts.

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