Ikea’s new air quality monitor lets you keep an eye on pollutants in your home

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Keeping way of aerial pollutants successful your location conscionable sewage easier acknowledgment to Ikea’s caller Vindstyrka indoor aerial value sensor arriving successful April. The tabletop instrumentality features a ample show truthful you tin spot successful existent clip nan particulate matter levels (PM2.5), humidity, temperature, and total volatile organic compounds (VOC) of your home’s air. No pricing has been announced yet, but knowing Ikea, it’s apt to beryllium competitive.

The Vindstyrka (which translates to wind force) tin activity arsenic a standalone aerial value show aliases link to Ikea’s caller Dirigera hub ($69) to position readings successful nan Home smart app and power Ikea’s aerial purifier line, Starkvind, to thief amended aerial quality.

A caller update to Ikea’s Home smart app added aerial value monitoring and reporting of PM2.5 levels from Starkvind products — and presumably will do nan aforesaid for nan caller Vindstyrka erstwhile it arrives. According to nan property release, nan Vindstyrka will beryllium capable to automatically set nan Starkvind’s instrumentality velocity successful relationship pinch nan magnitude of PM2.5 successful nan aerial erstwhile connected to nan Dirigera hub.

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Additionally, nan Dirigera is simply a Matter-ready device, and Ikea has said it will update nan hub to activity pinch nan caller smart location standard. Indoor aerial value monitors are slated to beryllium portion of nan next Matter release this spring, truthful it’s imaginable that nan Vindstyrka will activity pinch Matter successful nan future.

This would let nan sensor to link to and power immoderate Matter-compatible instrumentality successful immoderate Matter-compatible ecosystem. For example, it could activity successful Apple Home to move connected a TP-Link Tapo smart plug controlling a instrumentality aliases link to an Amazon Smart Thermostat utilizing Alexa to set nan ambiance successful your location erstwhile nan temperatures rise. (At launch, Ikea didn’t denote which smart location platforms nan sensor would activity pinch natively.)

Ikea already has a non-connected aerial value sensor, but the $16 Vindriktning only monitors PM2.5, pinch an LED ray that visually indicates aerial value alternatively than utilizing a surface aliases app. The caller besides Vindstyrka adds temperature, humidity, TVOC sensing, and connectivity, successful summation to PM2.5 sensing.

It’s apt nan Vindstyrka will costs rather a spot much than nan Vindriktning. My conjecture is astir $60 to $80. Indoor aerial value monitors are mostly expensive, particularly erstwhile they show PM2.5 and person a screen. The Airthings 2960 View — which measures everything nan Vindstyrka does positive CO2 and radon and has a surface — costs $300. Sensibo’s Elements, which doesn’t person a surface but does adhd CO2 monitoring, is $179.

On nan cheaper extremity of things, which is wherever Ikea’s show is apt to land, Amazon’s $70 Smart AQ Monitor has nan aforesaid monitoring capabilities nan Vindstyrka does (plus c monoxide) but doesn’t person a screen. Then there’s Aqara’s mini indoor aerial value show pinch a screen that is only $45 but doesn’t measurement PM2.5 and requires a hub.

According to Ikea, nan Vindstyrka will motorboat successful April, truthful we should perceive much astir pricing then.

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