How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

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The summertime play has sunny days and sweltering temperatures. While astir homeowners look guardant to excavation parties, much clip outdoors, and breaking retired those summertime outfits, you shouldn’t hide your aerial conditioning system.   

Generally, you astir apt haven’t utilized your AC since past summer. Thus, you want to return nan clip to cheque up connected your cooling system, ensuring that you get comfortable and cool indoor temperatures during nan warmer play ahead.   

In this article, publication a fewer tips connected preparing your AC for nan summer, from calling nan champion air conditioning services Auburn, AL, and akin work providers to keeping up pinch your home’s insulation.   

Hire A Professional 

Before switching systems for nan summertime season, you must telephone an master to cheque your AC system.   

A work contractor tin thief cleanable your AC and supply master tune-up earlier nan basking play starts. They tin inspect your cooling system, ensuring each components and parts activity correctly. Professionals tin thief support captious areas specified arsenic condensers, refrigerants, and drain lines. They tin besides level your AC to guarantee due functioning and forestall stuck liquids. They tin inspect electrical wiring for damages aliases loose connections, preventing strategy failures and risks of fires.   

A regular preventive AC inspection allows experts to pinpoint imaginable costly issues and resoluteness them instantly to guarantee your strategy useful smoothly passim nan summer.   

However, astir air conditioning services are often engaged earlier and during summer. As such, you must schedule an AC repair and preventive attraction beforehand to prevention costs and time.   

Clean The Area Around The Outdoor Unit 

Clearing distant immoderate debris astir nan extracurricular portion of your AC strategy helps forestall issues complete time. When dirty, it tin overheat and prevents it from cooling properly. It causes other unit connected your AC and shortens its lifespan. Worse, it tin origin your AC strategy to unopen down successful nan mediate of nan summer, leaving you and your family successful uncomfortable indoor temperatures.   

As such, you want to return nan clip to cleanable nan surrounding area. Make judge to trim aliases remove weeds, leaves, bushes, character branches, and different materials that whitethorn obstruct airflow. Generally, you want to create a clear radius area of up to 2 feet astir your AC, ensuring due airflow.   

Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer 2

 Replace The Filter 

Changing nan select is 1 of nan astir important things you tin do to hole your AC for nan summertime season. Although this is often included successful a master tune-up, you should still cheque it each month. Ideally, AC filters should beryllium replaced aliases cleaned (if you person reusable filters) each 2-3 months aliases much often if it appears dirty.  

A clogged aliases soiled select tin unit your aerial conditioner to activity harder, which will bespeak connected your monthly energy bill. Dirty filters besides lend to mediocre indoor aerial quality, causing breathing issues and allergy symptoms. If near alone, it shortens nan AC’s lifespan and causes it to break down. If you’re unsure wherever nan select is located, you tin cheque nan manual that came pinch your unit.  

Conduct A Test Run 

Don’t hold for nan temperatures to beryllium uncomfortably basking earlier switching your thermostat from heating to cooling. Testing your AC portion earlier summertime tin kick-start nan strategy and guarantee it tin support your location cool.  

Let your AC tally for an hour, and return statement of nan temperature. Check if nan indoor somesthesia matches your thermostat setting. You whitethorn request to usage a portable somesthesia sensor to cheque nan ratio and accuracy of your thermostat and AC performance.  

Prep Your Home Too 

Preparing your location for nan summertime useful manus successful manus pinch getting your AC fresh and functioning efficiently during nan hotter season.   

Tasks specified arsenic sealing doors and windows, replacing upwind stripping, proper insulation, and utilizing anti-UV model treatments tin thief guarantee your location is adequately insulated. It helps support each nan cool temperatures wrong alternatively of letting them flight extracurricular while allowing nan warmer aerial in.   

By preparing your home, your AC tin activity much efficiently pinch little strain. It helps you execute nan due indoor temperatures to enactment comfortable.   


Taking nan clip for an AC tune-up tin thief guarantee that your cooling portion functions efficiently and appropriately passim nan basking summer. You tin hole and forestall imaginable issues pinch due preparation, providing you and your family tin enactment comfortable moreover pinch nan sweltering power outside.

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