GM stops selling the Chevy Blazer EV to deal with ‘software quality issues’

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Our automotive editor was scheduled to trial a Blazer EV soon, but it looks for illustration that will person to hold — GM has paused income of its brand-new Chevy Blazer EV pursuing reports of important issues.

In a connection provided to The Verge, Chevrolet communications executive head Chad Lyons said, “Our squad is moving quickly to rotation retired a fix, and owners will beryllium contacted pinch further accusation connected really to schedule their update.” Chevrolet vice president Scott Bell said, “We’re alert that a constricted number of customers person knowledgeable software-related value issues pinch their Blazer EV. Customer restitution is our priority and arsenic such, we will return a little region connected caller deliveries.” GM did not corroborate really galore vehicles are affected, different than saying it’s a “limited” number.

Edmunds reports that 2 months aft purchasing a 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV RS AWD for its semipermanent trial fleet, nan SUV has been astatine nan dealership for 2 weeks. With 23 responsibility codes connected a diagnostic test, they wrote that “What we sewage backmost from nan trader was alarming: nan azygous longest database of awesome faults we astatine Edmunds person ever seen connected a caller car.”

Things went moreover worse for InsideEVs writer Kevin Williams, whose weeklong trial ended aft 28 hours. The vehicle’s CarPlay- and Android Auto-free infotainment system went blank while he was driving, and past an effort to complaint nan artillery failed, producing a “Service Vehicle Soon” correction message.

InsideEVs followed up its first report, noting owners of different Ultium-powered electrical vehicles from GM complaining of different and, truthful far, hard-to-fix issues pinch their cars.

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