Get a portable second monitor for your laptop for $250

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of August 4, you tin get nan Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor for conscionable $249.97 alternatively of $339 — that's a savings of 26%.

Your dorm whitethorn beryllium cramped, but that doesn't mean your machine has to consciousness nan aforesaid way. One plug-and-play accessory tin springiness you much room to activity aliases play connected your computer, but it mightiness beryllium difficult to spell backmost erstwhile you've tried it.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus is simply a ace lightweight magnetic show that attaches to nan backmost of your laptop. This portable monitor slides retired erstwhile it's clip to activity and slides successful erstwhile it's clip to go. During nan Back-to-School sale, you tin get nan Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus for conscionable $249.97 done August 13.

A plug-and-play show pinch its ain case 

The DUEX Plus started retired connected Kickstarter, wherever it earned complete $1,000,000 from astir 4,000 backers. And you tin usage it to make your untenable postulation of unfastened browser tabs look a small little overwhelming.

The DUEX Plus has a sliding lawsuit that sticks to nan backmost of your laptop monitor. When you don't request a second surface for your laptop, you tin support it comfortably tucked away. The DUEX Plus is besides 30% lighter than erstwhile models, truthful it's overmuch easier to popular it onto your machine and spell pinch constricted other weight. And erstwhile you request to agelong your legs and springiness yourself a small room to breathe, conscionable descent your show to nan near aliases correct and plug it in. 

Though it's small, this show still has a batch to offer. The 1080p HD show is simply a awesome spot to watercourse movies aliases TV shows while you study. Put your computer subject homework connected 1 surface and marathon your comfortableness shows connected another. Plus, it's compatible pinch aggregate devices. Plug successful your laptop, Samsung DeX device, aliases moreover your Nintendo Switch. 

Save connected a 2nd show for your laptop

Get fresh to spell backmost to schoolhouse by sticking a 2nd show onto your laptop.

Until August 13 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT, get nan Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus for $249.97. No coupon needed.

Prices taxable to change. 

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