Get a portable, discreet dash cam with night vision, on sale for $61

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of June 24, get TOKK™ CAM C2+ Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera(opens successful a caller tab) for only $60.99 — that's a 32% discount.

Whether you want to support an oculus connected your location while you're distant aliases get an nonsubjective position of traffic, nan TOKK™ CAM C2+ gives you a crystal-clear position that you tin spot almost anywhere. This compact camera(opens successful a caller tab) useful arsenic a dash cam, assemblage cam, aliases information camera, and it's 32% off. 

Get a camera that’s only a small bigger than a quarter

The TOKK™ Cam C2+ is 1.5 inches successful diameter, but that mini size doesn't extremity it from signaling a crisp 1280x720p video you tin prevention onto a MicroSD paper (up to 64 GB) aliases upload to nan cloud.

Use this small camera arsenic a dash cam(opens successful a caller tab), assemblage cam, aliases distant information camera for your home. Your acquisition comes pinch a camera clip and suction guidelines you tin usage to connect your camera to level surfaces. Pop it onto your dashboard for a clear position of nan road, complete pinch automatic nighttime imagination and a built-in battery.

On a azygous charge, this camera is designed to tally for up to 90 minutes of continuous recording. However, you tin besides conscionable support it plugged successful pinch a compatible cable. You tin moreover usage nan built-in magnetic backing to connect nan TOKK™ Cam to your bicycle arsenic an affordable replacement to a GoPro. The included clip besides lets you connect nan camera to your clothes.

Save connected a versatile Wi-Fi camera 

Prices taxable to change.

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