Decorating with Pottery: Elevating Your Space with Handcrafted Pieces

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Dating backmost centuries, pottery has ever been a celebrated shape of creator look and has played a captious domiciled successful creating a captivating space. Pottery is beautiful successful some shape and function, intent and practicality. It’s created to evoke joyousness done mundane use. After all, there’s nary denying that drinking from a handmade mug aliases serving meal successful a vessel created by a section creator intends truthful overmuch more. From dishes and ornamental pieces to flowerpots and lamps, uncovering a unsocial portion to adhd beauty successful immoderate room of nan location tin make each nan difference.

While location aren’t galore rules erstwhile it comes to expressing your characteristic and style done pottery, 1 thing’s for definite –  it shouldn’t beryllium stored distant successful a cupboard. To thief you get started, we reached retired to artists to stock their champion portion of proposal erstwhile utilizing pottery arsenic portion of your location decor. So whether you unrecorded successful an apartment successful Atlanta, GA, aliases a home successful Portland, OR support reference to spot really you tin statesman decorating pinch ceramics and bring your interior to nan adjacent level.

Decorate your location pinch ceramics to bring texture and personality

1. Incorporate colour done pottery

“Pottery is 1 of nan astir versatile and accessible ways to incorporated handcrafted artwork into your space, because a batch of nan clip you tin find smaller useful astatine a smaller value point,” shares Stacey Bowers, proprietor and designer astatine jewelry shop Bang-Up Betty successful Little Rock, AK. “You besides don’t needfully person to bent them connected nan wall (but you surely can), you tin move them passim a abstraction and proceed to adhd to your unsocial displays. I emotion to usage pottery to play pinch colour successful my space. One of my favourite section ceramicists makes akin pieces successful different vibrant colors, truthful I sewage 1 successful each colour to make a rainbow display. The pieces double arsenic jewelry storage, truthful they’re besides a measurement to showcase my handcrafted jewelry.”

2. Bring warmth and characteristic to your home

“Pottery tin bring a popular of colour to your caller location by highlighting your accent color,” says Yvonne Tornatta, proprietor of Tumalo School of Pottery successful Tumalo, Oregon. “If you person a neutral backdrop, a portion of pottery tin play disconnected your accent colour to bring warmth and characteristic to nan room. Think of areas you want to create vignettes. Neutral pottery canisters and a mini spoon remainder tin beryllium mixed pinch a colorful java maker. A colorful portion of pottery tin beryllium group adjacent to a vining works to create a pleasing arrangement. If you person an eclectic postulation of pottery, see combining 2 neutrals pinch a portion that has a vivid colour aliases pattern. Think successful groupings of threes for nan champion arrangement.”

3. Select pieces that invoke wonder

“I judge our surviving abstraction tin greatly effect our wide life,” states Brielle Rovito, Owner/Designer of pottery workplace Dust + Form successful Vermont. “This is why it is truthful important to prime ornamental objects that you tin link pinch connected a heavy and individual level. Opting to furnish your location pinch handmade pottery and ceramic sculpture allows your abstraction to emanate feelings and stories that tin different beryllium mislaid successful generic goods. Because nan options are immense and sometimes overwhelming, I promote you to spell pinch your gut, prime ceramic pieces that evoke a consciousness of wonderment and don’t beryllium acrophobic to furniture different styles and textures for added ocular interest. Additionally, I americium a patient believer successful owning a special, ineffable mug that helps you commencement and decorativeness your day. It is 1 mini entity that tin crushed america successful our often engaged lives.” 

4. Elevate your interior pinch handmade jars

Chicago, IL section and creator David JP Hooker says, “When astir group are choosing pottery for location décor, they look for vases for surviving spaces and ample bowls for kitchens aliases eating room tables. Both are awesome choices, but if you’re looking for thing different, see getting a handmade lidded jar. The enclosed measurement of a lidded jar creates a unsocial consciousness of presence: it’s arsenic overmuch a sculptural entity arsenic a functional one, and it doesn’t require you to refresh it pinch flowers aliases consequence to consciousness complete.”

VasePhoto courtesy of David JP Hooker

5. Add colour and attraction to immoderate room

“In looking astatine nan existent decor of caller and renovated homes, adding a handmade cookware aliases sculpture tin bring attraction and colour to immoderate room,” says Emily Coleman of ceramic workplace Rainbow Landing Studios successful Emigrant, MT. “Pottery creates a counterpoint from which different colour patterns look to unify your interior design.”

6. Choose what you love

“The champion proposal I tin springiness homeowners erstwhile selecting pottery for their homes is to take what you love,” says Kay Franz, proprietor of Clay and Green Tea successful Richmond, VA. “Whether ornamental aliases functional, what is much important is that you are drawn to nan activity and emotion what it says to you. Fitting successful perfectly pinch your decor is not terribly important. 

“Matching colors tin beryllium bully but opposition is bully too,” states Franz. “If you want a portion to beryllium a room’s focal point, opposition much than colour compatibility is important. Functional activity tin beryllium ornamental excessively truthful don’t norm retired that teapot aliases java mug for an absorbing accent. Displaying activity to its champion advantage should utilize what you person connected manus aliases tin find to activity pinch successful your room. Work tin beryllium displayed connected a shelf, a table, a mantelpiece, a civilization show guidelines and don’t norm retired hanging a beautiful sheet aliases tile.”

7. Incorporate vases to adhd a popular of color

“Bud vases, aliases mini vases that only clasp a azygous flower, are awesome for adding tallness to a space,” explains Amber Tilton of Dat Pottery successful Laguna Beach, CA. “Nestled betwixt larger vases aliases a elemental placement adjacent to a stack of absorbing java array books adhd conscionable an other flourish. Pick flowers that are successful play and locally available. We emotion nan look of a fewer poppies from our autochthonal confederate California successful a sleek bud vase group connected our extremity table.”

Vase pinch pinkish flowers connected a java table

8. Look for handmade lamps, sculptures, and planters

“Handmade pottery tin adhd elements of color, texture, and ocular liking to immoderate interior space,” explains Casey Taylor, an independent ceramic creator who teaches astatine Kingston Ceramics Studio successful Kingston, NY. “From incorporating artisan crafted mugs connected your unfastened room shelving, to bringing successful sculptural ceramic vessels to your surviving space; these objects bring nan shaper into your location and tin elevate nan extent of creation by offering a very tangible and quality element.”

“Many group presume handmade ceramics to beryllium chiefly cups, plates, bowls, and vases- but nan reality is you tin find a plethora of clay objects to adorn your location that are functional successful galore different ways,” shares Taylor. “Lamps, sculptures, and planters are each awesome ways to incorporated handmade pottery into interior creation and adhd elements of light, color, and texture successful unexpected and imaginative ways.”

9. Opt for pieces that you link with

Cori Morenberg, Owner, Potter, and Teacher astatine Yonkers Pottery successful Yonkers, NY says, “Have nosy and create your ain preferences and location style alternatively of listening to Instagram influencers aliases location creation ‘gurus.’ If a portion speaks to you and you tin spend it—grab it. Whether it’s a quirky handmade vase by a section artisan to show flowers connected your eating array aliases a vintage creation deco teapot for typical occasions displayed prominently arsenic a functional sculpture successful nan kitchen,ceramics and pottery make immoderate abstraction consciousness lukewarm and cozy. 

Morenberg goes connected to say, “Don’t beryllium acrophobic to operation and lucifer dishes and mugs. It’s besides satisfying to take a form—like vases, boxes, aliases wall sculptures—and show cohesive collections of galore artists’ takes connected nan aforesaid shape. Or, if you autumn successful emotion pinch 1 potter’s work, slow turn a postulation of their typical pieces complete clip and show them together connected a array aliases support for ocular impact.”

10. Consider some style and functionality

“My proposal for homeowners decorating pinch pottery is to deliberation astir some style and functionality,” says Audrey Mason, Owner and Pottery Artist astatine Pottery Mason successful Rehoboth Beach, DE, a small-batch ceramics believe based successful Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. “When you’re choosing handmade pottery, look to put successful pieces that fresh successful pinch your home’s artistic and colour scheme, whether that’s cleanable whites and grays for a modern home, aliases speckled blues and greens for a nature-inspired retreat. 

“Ceramic artists coming are creating pieces successful conscionable astir each style, truthful it’s ever imaginable to find thing you’ll love,” shares Mason. “As for functionality, see pottery that’s not only beautiful, but useful arsenic well. Replace your store-bought soap dispenser pinch a handmade ceramic bottle, show your fruits successful a uniquely glazed serving bowl, aliases moreover look to committee a pottery creator for a civilization wheel-thrown dinnerware group that will look stunning connected unfastened shelving.”

11. Add color, artwork, and functionality to your space

“I emotion erstwhile an mundane point becomes a spot to show a handmade portion of art,” states Michelle Sakai-Hart, ceramics creator and pedagogue astatine Sakai Harts & Crafts successful Santa Barbara, CA. “A crockery to spot your keys astatine nan extremity of nan day, a nosy and agleam utensil holder successful nan kitchen, a silly location for a plant, aliases a mini cup to clasp each of your formation treasures are immoderate ways that pottery tin service these dual purposes. 

“When I take pieces for a space, I often brace them adjacent to framed photos, colorful flowers aliases a favourite souvenir from our travels – thing to let for other playfulness successful our home,” explains Sakai-Hart. “I really emotion to brace pieces pinch contrasting colors and make judge to take a assortment of textures successful my pottery erstwhile mixing and matching different styles and designs together. I’m each astir mixing and matching to create a nosy and move space.”

Boy holding mayan pottery connected hands

12. Learn astir nan creator down nan piece

“The endless shapes, colours, and textures of pottery creates a softness and calmness that tin elevate immoderate abstraction into an municipality oasis,” says René Mehrer, proprietor of 4th Meridian wherever you’ll find unsocial good art, handmade products, and vintage furniture. “Vary textures and shapes together successful groups of three, five, aliases seven. Vary nan tallness of each portion to support your oculus moving astir nan creation and don’t beryllium acrophobic to adhd successful items that bespeak your personality. Introducing speckled crocks afloat of woody spoons, heavy textured bowls brimming pinch ripe reddish apples and stoneware vases afloat of blooms creates a softness and calmness that will elevate your kitchen. Try to study a small astir nan creator who created your piece. When you bargain a handcrafted piece, you bring a small spot of that artist’s life location pinch you, and that elevates your greeting java successful your favourite mug from a habit, to a ritual.”

13. Choose pieces that fresh your style

Christina Goodall Ceramics suggests picking a ceramic portion that fits your earthy style. “Think astir colours, texture and size that suit your home, but don’t beryllium frightened to beryllium bold by choosing a connection portion to assistance your space. Vases are a awesome commencement erstwhile buying handmade pottery, that measurement you tin besides assistance your abstraction pinch flowers.”

14. Add a consciousness of groundedness

“As a ceramic artist, I position my pieces arsenic meant to beryllium enjoyed successful nan location and elevate a abstraction visually,” shares Anna Grace, creator astatine Anna Grace Creates. “I deliberation nan operation of a stoneware vase adjacent to a vining works and accompanied by a brass level lamp are very elegant and mid period modern. Play pinch standard by combining a mini bud vase pinch a mates flower stems adjacent to a larger ornamental vase. Add a lukewarm glow to immoderate abstraction pinch a hanging ray fixture and usage wide bowls for immoderate and each repast to heighten nan table. Handmade ceramic creation adds a consciousness of groundedness and reminds you to slow down and beryllium wherever your feet are.”

Two handmade mugsPhoto courtesy of Anna Grace Creates

15. Add texture and liking pinch Raku plates

“Dress up a wall pinch Raku ceramic plates, combining a contented emblematic of Mediterranean cultures pinch a type of ancient pottery that comes from Japan,” suggests creation workplace Arteologic. “The texture and nan crackle of nan glaze of nan Raku pieces merit a spot to beryllium admired beyond being a functional portion aliases astatine astir supported connected a shelf. With nan correct lighting connected a wall, we tin admit and delight successful these hypnotic surfaces.” 

16. Use your ain unsocial taste

“To bring together a postulation of absorbing and linked ceramics, each you request is your ain taste,” explains Sally Hook, creator of Sally Hook Ceramics. “You take nan pots, nan sculpture, nan tradition, nan dynamics of immoderate ceramic form, because your action will speak eloquently of your ain unsocial style. Pottery and ceramic creation is timeless, has been basal to our regular lives and straight connects ancient creation forms each nan measurement up to our modern world successful a linked, perpetually evolving timeline.”   

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