Bluesky finally lets users look at posts without logging in

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Decentralized societal web and Twitter rival Bluesky is yet letting users look astatine posts connected its level without logging in. People still request an induce to create an relationship and commencement posting but tin publication posts done a link.

This move will besides fto publishers nexus to aliases embed Bluesky posts successful blogs. Plus, users tin stock them successful individual aliases group chats.

Bluesky users tin toggle connected a mounting done Settings > Moderation > Logged-out visibility to extremity nan societal web from showing their posts for logged-out users. However, that limit only applies to Bluesky’s website and ain app. The institution said different third-party clients mightiness not respect nan toggle and show your posts anyway. So if you want to not stock posts pinch a wider audience, you will request to make your floor plan private.

Bluesky's logged retired visiblity settings applies to its ain app and website

Bluesky’s logged retired visibility settings applies to its ain app and website Image Credits: Bluesky

In a blog post,  nan company’s CEO Jay Graber besides unveiled a caller butterfly emoji logo replacing nan generic logo of well… a bluish entity pinch clouds.

“Early on, we noticed that group were organically utilizing nan butterfly emoji 🦋 to bespeak their Bluesky handles,” Graber said “We loved it, and adopted it arsenic it spread. The butterfly speaks to our ngo of transforming societal media into thing new.”

This year, Bluesky launched its iOS and Android apps and deed 2 cardinal users. The societal web besides rolled retired different moderation tools aft facing criticism about nan type of contented it allowed connected nan platform. While Bluesky is presently nan only lawsuit connected nan AT Protocol, it is aiming for federation “early adjacent year.” That intends we mightiness spot much servers and instances compatible pinch Bluesky pinch their ain group of rules.

Bluesky’s announcement comes astatine a clip erstwhile Meta’s Threads has started experimenting pinch ActivityPub integration. After Meta’s announcement earlier this month, Instagram caput Adam Mosseri and other folks from nan Threads team person started making their accounts and posts visible connected Mastodon and different compatible apps.

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