8 fantastic shows from 2023 to stream on Netflix

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As sadistic arsenic nan streaming wars person become, Netflix is still hanging successful location and holding its ain pinch a dependable watercourse of original films and bid tailor-made to support america each entertained. While nan contented must flow, Netflix’s beforehand page still only does a so-so occupation of really letting you cognize astir each nan coagulated worldly nan streamer has to offer. So we’ve put together a small database of immoderate highlights that are worthy checking retired whenever, but particularly during nan vacation play erstwhile you’re astatine location and conscionable looking for thing to watch.


Based connected Capcom’s game bid by nan aforesaid name, workplace Sublimation and head Shinya Sugai’s caller Onimusha series follows a fictionalized type of legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto (Akio Otsuka) arsenic he embarks connected a travel crossed Edo-period Japan to free nan state of a increasing demonic threat.

Netflix’s Onimusha keeps its nonstop references to nan games’ lore light, and its communicative feels overmuch much for illustration a fantastical dramatization of nan existent Miyamoto’s life than a religious adjustment of nan games. But if you’re into flashy, animated, play pieces that temper their humanities accuracy pinch dense doses of gory action and magical mystery, Onimusha might beryllium up your alley.

Blue Eye Samurai

Like Onimusha, workplace Blue Spirit’s Blue Eye Samurai from co-creators Michael Green and Amber Noizumi is group during Japan’s Edo period. It chronicles nan travel of a intense warrior connected a ngo to bring bid to nan state by mowing down hordes of dark-hearted villains.

But whereas Onimusha’s demons are rather literal, Blue Eye Samurai pits its lethal heroine against monsters who are all-too-human and much accepted by nine than she could ever dream to be. Blue Eye Samurai decidedly leans into tropes of nan genre, and its communicative takes a mates of episodes to really footwear into gear. But nan show’s animated action is gorgeous, and there’s a accordant spot successful its lead cast’s performances that bring these characters to life successful a awesome way.

Akuma Kun

Set complete 3 decades aft Junichi Sato’s original anime adjustment of Shigeru Mizuki’s manga Akuma-kun, Toei Animation’s caller revival of nan bid is thing of a family communicative that focuses connected different generations of magical kid prodigies moving together to prevention nan world from supernatural threats. Though they look to beryllium mean kids, some Shingo (Alex Cazares) and his adopted boy Ichirō Umoregi (Michael Johnston) are portion of a agelong statement of powerful demon summoners referred to arsenic “Akuma Kun” who are only calved erstwhile each 10,000 years.

In nan past, it fell to Akuma Kuns for illustration Shingo to harness demons’ powerfulness successful hopes of creating a paradise wherever humans and monsters could unrecorded successful peace. But nan mortal world’s go a very different spot successful nan clip Shingo was nan only Akuma Kun, and moreover though he and his boy don’t ever spot oculus to eye, moving together is nan only measurement they tin dream to support nan forces of acheronian astatine bay.

The Crown

By utilizing its astir caller play to displacement attraction from Imelda Staunton’s Queen Elizabeth to Elizabeth Debicki’s Princess Diana, The Crown was capable to reenergize and reestablish itself arsenic a move play play tin of genuinely humanizing nan British royal family.

In its sixth and last season, The Crown shifts gears erstwhile again arsenic it becomes a somber relationship of Diana’s past days successful 1997 and an exploration of really her untimely decease devastated nan federation arsenic a whole. While erstwhile seasons of The Crown deftly toed nan statement betwixt nuance and soap operatic spectacle, these past episodes thin into nan overwrought and maudlin to varying degrees of effectiveness.

The full constituent of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s original Squid Game series was to pointedly knock nan capitalistic systems that support mediocre group trapped successful cyclical poverty, but that hasn’t stopped Netflix from turning nan eponymous, lethal title into an existent reality TV show.

Squid Game: The Challenge isn’t a peculiarly imaginative competition, and its effort astatine fashioning compelling narratives retired of contestants’ confessionals pales successful comparison to nan original’s gripping storytelling. But nan show’s a morbidly fascinating illustration of Netflix milking arsenic overmuch money arsenic it tin retired of 1 of its astir superb properties, and successful doing so, letting viewers cognize wherever its priorities are.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off spends a coagulated chunk of clip (an section aliases so) rehashing nan acquainted events of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s original schematic novels.

Once it’s done playing nan hits, though, nan Science Saru-produced bid becomes a thoughtful description of nan world astir Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) that gives supporting characters for illustration Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) and Gideon Graves (Jason Schwartzman) a caller level of complexity.

By mounting Scott’s emotion communicative pinch Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) somewhat to nan side, Takes Off has nan elasticity to research pinch caller perspectives. And while nan show’s decidedly a emotion missive to Edgar Wright’s live-action Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it’s a testament to how, sometimes, animation really is the way to spell if you want to do a comic book justice.

Rather than straight adapting nan communicative from Far Cry 3, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix pulls together characters from a number of different Ubisoft properties to show a dazzling, mixed-medium communicative astir revolutionaries resisting oppressive governmental rule. By utilizing video crippled icons for illustration Rayman to exemplify really fascistic regimes request their populations to beryllium overstimulated and fed changeless streams of propaganda, Captain Laserhawk makes definitive its volition for viewers to locomotion distant from it reasoning astir why they promise allegiance to brands they love.

Like nan animated adjustment it’s spun-off from, Castlevania: Nocturne weaves a important magnitude of nan mythology from Konami’s video crippled bid into its chronicle of nan Belmont family’s centuries-long crusade to free nan world of demons. But aft aggregate seasons of Castlevania taking nan big-picture position of humanity’s conflict for endurance successful a world that’s besieged by ghouls, Nocturne brilliantly switches up nan look pinch a zoomed-in attraction connected nan smaller pivotal moments that style nan arc of history.

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